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A message from Jonathan Smeby, creator of Jonny Comics:

Hiya folks! I can't believe it myself, but here I am. Updating my website on geocities!! Curses. I shouldn't have to do this, but since my real site is down for quite a while, I guess do after all. Well, this is sort of nice. I haven't updated this old site since 2001 (brings back fond memories). And it's cool to give it an intirely new look. I hope you all can get what you need from this site while hopefully gets back up and running again...

Right now, you can find the two newest JnE comics, some of my longer flash cartoons, and the Mind Menace info page with working pictures in the minigame gallery. Sorry, but no downloads or games are up to download!



August 18, 2003


You've been dying to see it. And if you haven't, I won't be your best friend anymore. But it's finished, folks. It really is finished (sob). JON and EDDY COMICS # 13 Intitled The Void of College!
I must say, it's might just be my best JnE comic yet, though I was afraid it would completely stink at one point (I think I proved myself wrong thankfully). So go ahead and read it! And if you haven't read the previous Jon and Eddy five page comic (Aliens Have No Names) click the comics link at the screen's top.




August 17, 2003


Jonny Comics Inc: Mind Menace is still in the making, which means there's still time to help! You could make your own minigames for the collection, give me ideas to make into minigames, or provide midi music for the game (email me for more info on that). But if you haven't even heard about it yet, click the banner to the left to find out!


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