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The New Adventures of Jon and Eddy continues

Welcome to Jon and Eddy comics! The place to go for the
latest Jon and Eddy webcomics from Jonny Comics, Inc.

A brief back story

Jon Keeble and Eddy Valentine are best friends, as well as partners. Combining their computer skills (Jon a programmer and Eddy a graphics artist) they were able to start there own little game company. New to the gaming business, the two attended the San Francisco College of Gaming. The comics that follow are set in that period of time.

The Newest Jon and Eddy Comics

Below are the two newest Jon and Eddy comics:

The second new adventure of Jon and EddyThe first new adventure of Jon and Eddy

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Jon and Eddy news

August 2003
Hiya folks! Hope you all enjoy the new Jon and Eddy comic,
The Void of College.
It sure took long enough to make it (I'm not sure why though). If you're dying to
know what JnE comic I'll be making next, just take a look at the box below...

For JnE # 13 (Un-named) I'll be making a somewhat shorter (i hope) comic in the style of an old film noir movie. That means no color!

Eventually I'll be making two more Mr. Spiky comics that will wrap up his story. The next comic will likely be called Evil Never Dies!

I still have plans for another Sue and Clayton (AHNN) comic, as well as a comic called AllToGetHer. This comic will introduce a character that was only used in two short JnE comic strips.


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