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The Cast of Jon and Eddy
2002, 2003 Jonny Comics, Inc.


Name: Jon Keeble
Age: 18.5
Occupation: None
Likes: Programming
Dislikes: The undead

He and Eddy own there own little
game developing business called
Jon and Eddy Enterprises. He takes
care of the programming department.
He's also handy when evil forces are
terrorizing your neighborhood...


Name: Eddy Valentine
Age: 18
Occupation: Ex-Food Mart employee
Likes: Creating art
Dislikes: The 'Man'

Eddy is in charge of the graphics and art
department in
Jon and Eddy Enterprises.
He's a peaceful guy, but is sort of against
the not-so-perfect way the world is being
run. So he sometimes gets into trouble.
Plus, he's subconsciously a pyromaniac...


Name: Frizno Denmark
Age: 17
Occupation: None
Likes: Messing with your head
Dislikes: Stuff

Once considerd Jon's old enemy from
junior high school, she's now Jon and
Eddy's friend and hangs out with them
every once in a while.
She's also a very weird person...
First appearance: JnE #4




Name: Kevin Valentine
Age: 10
Occupation: Little boy
Likes: His big brother Eddy
(and cookies!)
Dislikes: Nothing, basically

Kevin is the little brother of Eddy,
who is just like him (only smaller).
Whenever he can, he hangs out
with his big brother...
First appearance: JnE #5


Names: Clayton and Sue
Ages: Unknown
Occupations: Invaders
Likes: Conquering planets
Dislikes: Amnesia

In their first comic, Aliens Have
No Names
, they were just a couple
of lost aliens who came to Jon and
Eddy for help finding their lost
memories. Jon and Eddy gave them
names and told them that they really
weren't aliens at all (just to shut them
up). Now they can be found somewhere
in the city living normal human lives...
First appearance: JnE #11


Name: Mr. Spiky
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown

Nothing is known of this creature
besides the fact that he lives in
a strange nether dimension. He
was first discovered when two people
stumbled across the dimension's
portal. Later on, Jon and Eddy did
the same, with strange results...
First appearance: JnE #12




Name: Ryan
Age: 22
Occupation: Crime fighter
Likes: Senseless violence
Dislikes: Criminal scum

The closest thing to being the city's very
own superhero. He's a normal guy who
decided to devote his life to fighting crime
his own way. Usually this involves massive
weapons and big explosions...
First appearance: JnE #7




Name: Minami Ohsawa
Age: 11
Occupation: Little girl
Likes: Sports
Dislikes: Growing up

Minami, a japanese girl, is friends
with Eddy's little brother Kevin. She's
generally interested in basic kid stuff.
Also, she's a bit wiser than Kevin...

More to come in later Jon and Eddy comics!

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